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May 5, 2017/Editing

WATCH ME EDIT! I did this edit a while ago and it’s still one of my favorites. While I’m NOT a huge fan of listening to my own voice… OR my scattered thoughts as I had never explained what I was doing before… but I figured I’d share my process with others and show how I flip a background in Photoshop.

This kind of edit I do all the time… removing background stuff and making a clean background can really make an image pop and be AMAZING… This photo was provided by J. Lee Photos for use in this video. If you are in Southern California and are looking for an AMAZING Photographer, check her out!

Please excuse my pup’s collar jingling and my kids squealing in the background… this working from home stuff doesn’t make for silent environments, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I get to be there when my kiddos need me and I get to do what I love in the process!

Thanks for watching! If you are interested in learning more, I do offer editing for photographers regularly! I also offer mentoring sessions so if you just want some help learning a new trick or program lets chat! You can check out more my retouching portfolio by clicking the button below!

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  • Kendra J / August 31, 2017 / Reply

    Wow you have skills! Well done!

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