Wit Beyond Measure… | The Wizarding World

“Yer a Wizard Harry!” Who didn’t want to JUMP UP AND CLAP when Hagrid burst into that little cabin and announced that Harry no longer had to live under the stairs?  I was in college when the books got popular, over here. I am in fact the same age as Harry Potter. Were I a British Wizard, I would have been a part of the great battle against Voldemort.

What I have loved, is watching my children grow up with the world of Harry Potter. Believing in magic and trying to hex each other in the garden.  I loved Fantastic Beasts, and can’t wait to see the new ones as they come out.

So of COURSE, as I’ve been able I’ve added to my Wizarding World collection of images. It’s fun to try and find the perfect spots for each image. As of writing this, I JUST got the Flying Harry Potter, and I’m looking forward to getting itoa over a puddle or in a sunset.   But for now, here’s what I’ve got!

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