May The Force Be With You | Star Wars

Let me tell you a secret…. Come close I don’t want EVERYONE to know. I never saw Star Wars until College. So not until the second trilogy was being made. I’ve only seen the first 6 movies once each. I still haven’t gotten around to see the newest set yet.

Though for all of that.. I LOVED the Ewoks…lol. I think I saw those movies at least once a year growing up. Had I known they were part of Star Wars I might have seen the other movies sooner.  As of writing this, we just got the Ewoks Pops and I can’t wait to get those out in the forest!

While I am a more casual fan, I have truly found that I love the characters…and I love how strong the women are in the series. So when my Tutu Swirling, pink wearing, My Little Pony Obsessed (go Rainbow Dash) daughter became now obsessed with everything DARTH VADER I couldn’t have been happier. It baffled me a bit, but my daughter is nothing if not contradictory! So as I’ve had the opportunity I’ve photographed Star Wars Characters… okay, well, I’ve photographed Yoda, and a Star Trooper… There is MUCH work to be done with these but I love the start I’ve gotten!

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