From a young age I can remember being behind a camera. My very first camera was a fisher price one with canister film and a flash that had 6 shots that you clipped to the top and then threw away when it was done. Today, my 12 year old uses his phone to take selfies, and my 6 year old has never even seen film!  It seems like yesterday *I* was the 5 year old standing in front of a mirror taking a “selfie” with my little fisher price camera and blinding myself with the flash.

I’ve grown, studied, and moved to digital, but nothing really changes. I STILL love photography. It captures more than a person, or even a moment. It captures our essence, our souls for that moment in time. A good photograph can bring tears, and laughter. Help us travel back in time, and understand what we want for the future.

This is why I shoot. I shoot to capture memories, and souls, I shoot because even with my gift of gab, I couldn’t tell the story half as well with words. Every story is important. From those first moments of your child’s life,  To the last moment as a single woman praying before you say  ” I do” and the tear in your Nanna’s eye while you dance with your father. Even the giggles and love that comes with a family of rowdy boys, or capturing your imagination in a Cosplay, or the heart and soul put into the every detail of a fashion design.  They are ALL important.

Bethany McGPhotography / All Rights Reserved 2017