Christian & LGBTQ Photo Project – Models Participants Wanted

August 18, 2017/art

I have been mulling whether to do this project or not for a while.

I’ve always kept my business, my faith and my politics separate. After all, I didn’t want to alienate anyone.  However, given the current climate, I feel like standing silent in the background isn’t enough anymore. Too many people think that it’s OK to spread hate, and judgement in the name of  Christianity. Which, ironically, is really all about LOVE and not judging anyone. So why can’t we just let people love who they want?

I’m truly tired of the narrative that if you are a Christian, you must be uneducated, judgmental, conservative, and anti-LBGTQ. I know MANY in the Christian community who are NONE of these things. I would even wager that the MAJORITY of Christians don’t really care who you love, or what you do behind closed doors.  Yet, we are quietly just going about our lives, trying to avoid being judged by those around us that are not so progressive.

I have decided to start speaking out. I’m not important, I don’t have some huge platform. But I believe that change isn’t made in big gestures, it’s made in little everyday choices that add up. So maybe I change one person’s mind, maybe I can help one kid who’s struggling with their identity. But, like ripples in a pool, that one person spreads out, until a still pond of silent Christians becomes a violent pool of accepting believers, who can help love to grow and drown out hate.

So, since I’m a photographer, and that is my medium, I want to take pictures. I want to capture the stories, and the hearts of those who are both Christian and gay, and Christian and an Ally to the LGBTQ cause.  If you fall into either of those categories, I would love to collaborate with you. I would love to capture your story and your picture.  If you would like to join me on my quest to maybe right a few wrongs and help bring LOVE back into Christianity and change the narrative please, pick your button below. If you are part of the LGBTQ community and also a Christian click the button on the left that says LGBTQ. If you are Straight, but A Christian Ally of the LGBTQ community, please press the button on the right that says ALLY.  You will be taken to a questionnaire that will help me to organize everyone and I will be in touch soon!  Please share this all over and help me to spread the word as much as possible.

What will you get if you participate? I cannot offer monetary compensation at this time. However, I can offer a print of your favorite shot from our shoot and watermarked images for social media.

At this time I want to capture about 3-5 images of who you are in a snapshot, and our loved ones are a big part of that.  I welcome you to include spouses, partners,  parents, children or fur babies.   I hope to start doing a series of posts each one highlighting a different person’s story.

Thank you.

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