Jon & Andrea Intimate Farm Wedding

August 26, 2017/Photography

I don’t often have grooms calling me to book me for a wedding, though it does happen. But I can say, that this is the first time I have taken a call from South Korea to book a wedding! This excited groom called me from 5,000 miles away across the Pacific to ensure that I was available for his last minute booking. ¬†Obviously, I was, and less than a month later, I was traveling down to shoot their wedding!

We arrived at Van Lierop Bulb Farm to find a group full of excitement and a lovely candle lit set up. ¬†With the excitement in the air palpable between little girls swirling their dresses, to the grin that you couldn’t miss on the bride and grooms faces. Emotions were high as Jon gave vows not only to his lovely bride, but also to her daughters, who would now also be his, which brought not only the girls and couple to tears, but the entire room as well.

Once the tears dried, everything was just a great laid back, fun day. Small intimate weddings like this where everyone knows everyone (mostly) and they just ooze love and support for the couple are my favorite, and this one is right in that group. Gorgeous Bride, Handsome Groom, ADORABLE 6 month old best man (their little one!) and their lovely brides maids (their girls), made for one of the sweetest weddings’s I’ve shot ever.

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