Intimate Orchard Wedding

October 3, 2016/Photography

Warm September afternoon, orchard full of trees heavy with ripened pears, close family and friends sitting on hay bales. Horses whinnying in the pasture and laughter ringing on the air as the little ones wait for the ceremony to start. Happy tears in many an eye as the beautiful bride walks down the aisle to her eagerly awaiting groom.

I can’t think of a much better day spent at a wedding. I met this pair by chance when our family minivan broke down in their home town as we were returning home from vacation and her father graciously allowed us to stay in his church while our car was fixed.  In jest I asked him if he had any family getting married as to repay him..and low and behold YES! Not only that, but the sweetest couple, at a gorgeous location.

I’m so excited to share these!

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