Christian Ally

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Okay, lets face it. As straight, Christian people we have it pretty easy. No one is telling us that a fundamental part of who we are makes us inherently evil, or debauched, or automatically going to hell.

We didn’t have to have our own family, friends, and church family trying to convert us from something we had no control over. It’s not like a hair color, where if you didn’t fit in the mold you could just change it. Or if you were overweight and told you were unhealthy, that you could just put in some extra effort and lose that 20lbs or whatever. Science has come a long way in explaining, that sexual orientation isn’t

I don’t know that I can pinpoint the moment I became an “Ally” I guess I always just figured we were all different, and you like what you like, ya know? My studying of the bible, and my growing up in the WWJD era (What Would Jesus Do?) taught me to question what Christ would do in any situation.

One thing Jesus did was meet with, sit down with and eat with those that were the outcasts of the time, bringing them INTO his fold proving you can be both a tax collector and follower of Christ.  I think that it was just a gradual thing. It just made sense to not judge, after all, *I* was no perfect human being. Isn’t that the WHOLE POINT? No one is perfect. If we were, we wouldn’t NEED Christ right?

Over the last couple decades, I’ve seen how the tides have shifted, and it’s no longer quite as taboo to be part of the LGBTQ community. However, within the church, this is still something that is usually kept as an open secret. As long as you don’t date, or talk about it, it’s all OK. But the moment you brought home a date, or God forbid, wanted to go to prom with a same sex date, all hell would break loose.

But as a parent, this isn’t good enough to me. My son, who is straight (as far as his 12 year old self knows), is a proud Bronie (his favorite pony is Applejack, his little sister’s is Rainbow Dash.) He was bullied with gay slurs at just 11. He was called gay, transgender, a girl, all because he’s a little awkward, and because the other children were taught that these were bad things. My son kept saying, he didn’t get it, he wasn’t Gay, and even if he was, it’s not like that would be a bad thing, or anyones business anyway. I mean, come on, he was 10/11 at the time, puberty had only just reared it’s ugly head, sexual activity is still years off  (fingers crossed).

As a devout Christian who doesn’t like how my religion has changed over the last decades, I want to help change the perception that Christian = Anti-LGBTQ.  I hope also to help, those within he Christian community with my project. Those that have been told that you can’t be both Christian and LGBTQ. I want to show them that there ARE ally’s within the Christian world and that being pro equality doesn’t mean you are a sinner, or going against your faith.

I don’t pretend that this will not be a controversial topic, post or exhibit* (because I hope to have a gallery showing for this project once finished as well). While I don’t plan on listing peoples last names or anything, these are images that could cause backlash from those that disagree with the message.

What will you get if you participate? I cannot offer monetary compensation at this time. However, I can offer a print of your favorite shot from our shoot and watermarked images for social media.

At this time I want to capture about 3-5 images of who you are in a snapshot, and our loved ones are a big part of that.  I welcome you to include spouses, partners,  parents, children or fur babies.  I am looking to possibly do a large group shoot that will then allow for smaller portrait shoots within it as well if needed.

* A portion of all proceeds (if any) from this project will go toward a local LGBTQ charity TBA. (I’m still researching the best options)

To participate, please fill out the form so we can create art together!

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