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This is where I put all my "fun" shoots. I put that in quotes because every shoot is fun, but not every shoot is JUST for fun, or just for me. I love shooting clients, and creating images and art, to bring client's dreams, and imagery alive. There are times, however, that I get a bee in my bonnet with an idea, or just want to experiment. This is where I go. Often it's of POP!'s. Other times, it's a Super Hero shoot, or a commentary on today's politics. Sometimes, it will bleed over into my other work when something I took on a vacation or for something different works for a particular project. But most of all..this is fun, it's creative and it's ever evolving, just like me!
Dr. Who, Funko, David Tennent, Reflections, The Geek Side Photography

Dr. Who | I left one heart on Gallifrey

Disney, The Geek Side Photography

A Dream is a Wish... You're Never Too old for Disney

Star Wars, The Geek Side Photography

May The Force Be With You | Star Wars

Wizarding World, The Geek Side Photography

Wit Beyond Measure | Wizarding World

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